Happy First Birthday

Happy First Birthday

Happy Birthday to me! Well it’s not my actual birthday, but it’s the birthday of this blog. I started this blog about a year ago now (August 10, 2015 to be exact). This last year for myself has been a little crazy. With the birth of our second daughter and work – life has been a little hectic to say the least. Well, I’m still here, granted I’m not publishing as many posts as I’d like but nevertheless I’m still here! So, I wanted to write this quick post to point out 5 things that I have goals for over the next year – so you can hold me accountable if I fall short on these goals.

1. New Recipes

Food is really the foundation of everything Primal. Sure there’s fitness and sleep and stuff – but food is the foundation for health. So this next year I will still be dedicated to getting new recipes out there – with the focus on easy recipes that really work for the whole family. I know I’ve done a few fun recipes with crickets and such, which there might still be a few of those ;), but there will also be more practical everyday recipes for families out there.

2. New Interviews

I hope to get a few more interviews out there as I’ve done a couple last year with Russ and Joshua. I think these were great because we are able to peer into others real lives on how they do Primal. It’s especially cool because we learn that Primal looks different for everybody. Be on the lookout for a new interview very soon – I promise!

3. New Reviews

Reviews are a huge part of this blog. I’ve actually learned that they are one of the most read things on this blog. My RXBAR review is the most read review actually. So naturally these will still continue and I hope to get a lot more brands on board. If you have any suggestions on products for me to review, please submit ideas here. I would love to hear from you on what Primal products interest you. Let me know!

4. New Lifestyle Posts

Figuring out how to do Primal is a challenge in and of itself. So hopefully the lifestyle posts about how to afford Primal or about how to fit in exercise have been helpful. That’s why I plan to continue to do posts on the Primal lifestyle in general. Again if you have any requests on what kind of lifestyle posts you would like to see please drop them here.

5. More Newsletters

I’ve been really bad at sending out newsletters. Maybe for some of you that’s a good thing because you hate newsletters – but I think they can be beneficial if they include interesting stuff – which is what I hope to do. I’ve only sent out a handful since last year but I hope to be more consistent with this. They will include cool recipes and lifestyle posts I see throughout the web and they’ll include some links to older posts on this blog that maybe you’ve forgotten about. I promise they’ll be worth your time! Sign up here:

Bonus: New Ebook

Now this is really a stretch goal I have for the year. I really would like to put all the recipes I’ve accumulated here on this blog in an ebook format for you guys so that you can have with you when you’re out and about grocery shopping or when you have no internet connection – or really I just want to design a book because that’s what I love to do as a graphic designer. So hopefully this one won’t be too hard to accomplish because I would just use the recipes I’ve already put together on this site plus a few extras – but I think it would be fun for my existing readers and new readers to download and have with them. So be on the lookout for that!

Thanks for taking the time to read through me droning on about my goals for the next year of this blog and I hope you enjoy the content that is yet to come!

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