That’s So Primal 2016 Christmas Gift Guide

That's So Primal 2016 Christmas Gift Guide

I honestly feel like I just wrote a post about Christmas gifts, but that actually was a whole year ago. Time really does fly, I know everyone says that but I really believe it even more so this year. I think having kids somehow multiplies how fast time flies. Nevertheless I still wanted to put together a list of some gifts you can buy that Primal person in your life or soon to be converted Primal person in your life. I won’t make the list long I promise, but hopefully these may spark some ideas for how you can think of some gifts as a little more useful than just wool socks or prepackaged Axe dopp kits from Target.

Kitchen Gadgets

Instant Pot
Instant PotAmazon
I had this on my list last year but I think it’s worth having on this list as well. Everyone on Instagram is always posting about this pot and raves about how great it is. There’s even great recipes out there that people post specifically for cooking in this pot. It’s great for if you don’t have the time to cook something that normally takes a crock pot – i.e. a batch of bone broth or pulled pork. If you don’t get this this year, make sure to keep your eye on it for next year’s Black Friday sale as the price on Amazon always drops dramatically around that time.

Boning Knife
Boning KnifeAmazon
Now normally I’m the kinda home cook that only needs a chef’s knife and pairing knife, but there is that occasional time that I need a boning knife to cut meat away from the bone on those large inexpensive cuts of meat. I normally cut a pork shoulder that’s relatively cheap to make carnitas, but I always have to cut the meat away from the bone – doing this with a chef’s knife always makes me feel like I’m gonna cut off my finger or arm. Not a good idea, it’s best to use a flexible boning knife like this to tackle those large roast cuts of meat.

This is the same one I have and I love it. To be honest I really wish I could use it more in the kitchen. It’s great for making jerky or dried fruits. There’s a bunch of great recipes out there for homemade jerky, and the best part is that you really get to control your ingredients in your jerky. Say goodbye to added sugar, msg and gluten.

Exciting Books

Well Fed Weeknights
Well Fed WeeknightsAmazon
I did a giveaway for this book after I interviewed Melissa, and I have the book myself, and man I love it! I have always loved Melissa’s books and her approach to meals. They are friendly, easy and practical – and most of all always taste delicious. Be sure to pick up this book!

The New Primal Blueprint
The New Primal BlueprintAmazon
You can read more about this updated book here. In short, if you haven’t read this book yet it would be a great time to because Mark updated it to include his newest research and to update his charts like the Primal Blueprint Food pyramid and the Primal Blueprint Fitness Pyramid. I love the added insight and updated thoughts in this book. Be sure to pick it up.

Practical Paleo Second Edition
Practical Paleo Second EditionAmazon
I loved her first edition of this book and I actually want to pick up this second addition myself. Her charts, illustrations and pure knowledge in these books are amazing for veterans and anyone starting out on Paleo. With this being the second addition I’m sure she just expanded on the things that already make this book a great staple for anyone who cares about their health and food they put in their bodies.

Workout Gear

Weighted Vest
Weighted VestAmazon
Adding weight to your workout and strength training is a great way to switch up what you’re already doing with typical bodyweight exercises. It helps build strength outside of what you can do with just your bodyweight. Even if you don’t pick up a weighted vest you can still just add weight somehow to your workout regimen. This follows the Primal principle of lifting heavy things every once in awhile, and in this case your “lifting” your body plus some. Heck you can even wear it around the house while your cooking.

Pull Up Bar
Pull Up BarAmazon
How many people do you know that can do 5 pull-ups? 10 pull-ups? When I first went Primal I literally couldn’t even do one pull up. Now pull-ups are apart of my typical strength training of pushups, pull-ups, squats and planks. Pull-ups are essential! Pick up one for Christmas if you haven’t already.

Fitbit Flex 2
Fitbit Flex 2Amazon
In the war to end all wearable wars, I bet Fitbit will be the brand to survive potentially. Many have already come along, even the big boys like Microsoft and Motorola have decided to step out of making wearables. If you can’t afford an Apple Watch Series 2, maybe pick up this Fitbit Flex 2 because you can wear it all the time, it’s waterproof and has a long battery life. Maybe not as long as the Misfit Ray, but I think it looks slightly better. It’s good for tracking all activity since you rarely have to take it off and it will give you a good picture of how active (or inactive) you were for the day. All of us need reminders of how great we’re doing or how NOT great we’re doing 😉


This one is simple. Just get a frisbee. They’re great. They’re fun for everyone and they can really get your body moving if you take it out to a large field. Sure they may take a little getting used to if you’ve never thrown a frisbee before or if you’re just terrible at it but once you get the hang of it you’ll have so much fun. They’re also great to just leave in the back of your car for that random time you’re at a friends house or at the beach and you want something fun to do. Trust me, frisbees also come in handy when you’re looking for something fun to do on your lunch break.

Slack Line
Slack LineAmazon
I’ve made progress from last year – I had this on my Christmas Guide last year and I didn’t get one until my birthday last month so I haven’t yet had the time to set it up and make the anchors in my backyard yet. BUT I just can’t wait to use this thing. Our daughter even seems interested in it, though I’m not sure how well she will be able to use it – either way it will still be fun to have set up in the backyard. It’s great to have for yourself or when people are over to test their balance, build your core and improve the functionality of your bare feet. Slack lines are awesome and you should definitely get one already if you haven’t yet.

Primal Snacks

This should come as no surprise to you. I love these bars and I think you should buy some, like now. Don’t worry about the fact that they’re made from crickets, you won’t even know they’re there. These bars are just a great value, they taste good and they fill you up. Read more about them here and pick some up today!

RXBARGet $5 off your first RXBAR order!
My second go to bar. If crickets freak you out just go ahead and pick up some of these bars. They’re made from egg whites and a bunch of other goodies. These too are a great value, they taste great and they have all the right ingredients in them. Read more about them here.


Anything on Etsy. Just a plug for Etsy real quick. If you don’t want to buy traditional things like I have listed above, check out Etsy for amazing handmade things. I just bought my wife a cool copper ring on there for our 7 year anniversary last month. It’s nice to just buy directly from the person making it. I’ve purchased watch bands on there and shoes even. Just check it out for anything that interests you and I guarantee you’ll find something that you’ll want to pick up. Just move fast because since these things are hand made and they may take a little time to get to you.

That’s it guys. Another year another dollar – spent. But hopefully you can feel good about spending your money on the things listed above for that special person or persons in your life. Take hope in the fact that these things listed aren’t just junk that fills up your house, they’re things that can help you take hold of your health and things that can improve the quality of food you’re putting in your body. Merry Christmas everybody!

That’s So Primal 2015 Christmas Gift Guide

That's So Primal 2015 Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is just around the corner, and I thought it was about time I compiled a list of things you can ask for or get for that Primal person in your life. I know, Christmas isn’t about consumerism and gifts, but we can’t escape the fact that people will still be buying gifts, so why not point people in the right direction of some gifts we can give and receive that will improve our lives and the lives of those around us?

The list is developed so that you can think of the kind of people in your life that you’ll be getting gifts for. There’s that person in your life that you know needs better sleep or hates waking up or maybe you just want to help someone out on their Paleo journey and get them started with a simple Paleo cookbook. The items below are to spark ideas and most of them I already own and can attest to their ability to help with the things I point out. Enjoy!

Phillips Wake Light

For those who have a hard time waking up

Phillips Wake-Up LightAmazon

I have the older version of this, but the concept is the same. It emulates the sunrise so that you can wake up naturally as your circadian rhythm is designed to wake you up. This wake light will start to emulate light 30 minutes before you set your designated wake up time, and will gradually increase brightness over the next 30 minutes. No joke, this has helped me wake up better and deters you from that cycle of your phone going off and hitting snooze over and over – which has been proved to not improve the quantity or quality of your sleep.

Slack line

For those who wanna do something fun in the backyard


Maybe getting home from work and plopping down in front of the TV or computer is your thing, but maybe you should change what your thing is – or maybe you know someone and that’s their thing. Slacklines are a fun thing to do right in your backyard. I’ve been begging my wife to get one for me for a couple years, but our problem is we don’t have big trees and our ground is really tough to put an anchor in the ground – but I have hope that maybe this is the year I look out the backyard Christmas morning and I see a beautiful taught slackline spanning my grass…


For those who love water


I hate going to a restaurant and asking for water and they end up bringing a tiny dixie cup full of water. I’m not sure what part of “I’d like water to drink” means “I want a smaller quantity of liquid to drink than somebody who orders a Coke to drink”. As you can tell I’m passionate about bringing my own water to everything: restaurants, movies, weddings, Disneyland – just about everything. I like to drink water and I hate when I get handed a tiny cup when I forget my Nalgene and have to ask for water.

Pressure Cooker

For those who don’t want to wait all day for pulled pork

Instant PotAmazon

Here’s another thing I don’t have yet but I would love one. Nom Nom Paleo always touts their ability and I would love to have one so I don’t have to wait 24+ hours for her Kalua Pig recipe. These would even be great for speeding up bone broth a little bit. A definite must for those of us who are always pressed for time in the kitchen but want the benefits of a slow cooked meal. It’s like a cooking time machine (except it doesn’t contain a flux capacitor).

Mandoline Slicer

For those who want to make homemade chips

Mandolin SlicerAmazon

No matter how great of a cook you are, slicing a sweet potato with a Chef’s Knife thin enough to make chips is a little difficult. You might end up hurting yourself. Having a mandolin slicer in the kitchen is always a nice thing to have, especially if you’re trying to make some homemade sweet potato chips fried up in coconut oil.

Squatty Potty

For those who love to poop

Squatty PottyAmazon

This thing is no joke. You need to watch this commercial then come back to reading this.

Ok now that you watched that I want to let you know that this thing really works. My poops get done in less than 30 seconds. I got one last year for my birthday from my brother and sister in law. At the time they made fun of me but bought it for me anyway. They ended up breaking down and bought one for themselves and now they swear by it. If you don’t buy anything else on this list but this, your poop life will be revolutionized. I promise. Money back guarantee.

Moov Now

For those who love to track everything

Moov NowAmazon

There are a bunch of fitness trackers out there and there will continue to be more as the years go on but this one is one of the best ones out right now. It doesn’t need to be charged, it runs on a watch battery. Also, it seems to be the only tracker other than the Misfit Shine Speedo that tracks swimming, down to speed of flip turns! Pretty amazing tech in this fitness tracker other than just tracking steps, it also has a built in fitness coach. If you’re in the market for a fitness tracker for either you or someone else I suggest getting them a Moov Now or the Misfit Shine Speedo.

Swiss Army Knife

For those who want their everyday carry to open cans

Swiss Army KnifeAmazon

Everyone should carry around a pocket knife. I use it for all sorts of things but primarily opening cans of tuna at lunch. Early on going Primal I didn’t have a pocket knife and I forgot can openers when I would bring my lunch to work. It led to afternoons where I was starving! Now that I bring this with me everywhere I go I no longer worry about not having a way to open my protein at lunch.

Primal Blueprint Quick & Easy Meals

For those starting out on Primal

Quick & Easy MealsAmazon

This is the book my wife bought a few years back that got me hooked on Primal, but it also got me hooked on cooking in general. The meals are so easy to prepare and cook that even if you’re new or someone you know is new to the kitchen, will help them feel comfortable preparing tasty and nutritious meals for them and their family.

Primal Blueprint 21 Day Total Body Transformation

For those who start diets in January

21 Day ChallengeAmazon

Everyone starts a new diet in January. It’s the thing to do, but it rarely sticks. That’s why the gyms are packed in January and eventually taper off near February – because people start a diet but don’t follow through. This book will help those who normally fail at a diet – follow through. This book helped me lose 30 lbs 3 years ago and I still keep off the weight, all the while eating copious amounts of fat, meat, veggies, fruit, dark chocolate and nuts.

There it is folks. The first That’s So Primal Christmas Guide. Hopefully some of these ideas can jumpstart your gift giving and point you in the right direction of how to spend your hard earned cash on things that will help you live a healthier and more Primal lifestyle.